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Frozenbyte's Trine Introduces Unique Co-operative Multiplayer Mode

May 27, 2009

Frozenbyte's Trine Introduces Unique Co-operative Multiplayer Mode

Cunning, secrective and with the ability to slow time, the Thief completes the trio of heroes in new action title on PC and PSN

Trine, a unique and absorbing fantasy action game that challenges players to battle with the forces of space, energy and motion in a magical kingdom, will be released on PC in July 2009 by Nobilis and Ascaron Entertainment. Zoya, the Thief, is the youngest of the 3 protagonists and a talented, nimble archer. Later in the game she develops the capacity to manipulate time, a valuable tool when solving difficult puzzles.

Trine features a co-operative multiplayer mode, in which up to 3 players can participate. The gameplay is ideal for the multiplayer option as 3 people can use one character each, inventing new solutions to puzzles and novel ways to defeat enemies.

At the start of Trine, Zoya’s desire to be rich and her love of all things sparkling lead her to a castle where she attempts to steal a mysterious object called the Trine. On her way she encounters Pontius, the Warrior, and Amadeus, the Wizard; once they touch the treasure their souls are bound to the Trine. Players must now guide the characters through 16 different levels in a quest to free them from its clutches.

Zoya is the most mysterious looking of the 3 heroes, clad in a hooded white robe with half her face concealed. Whilst Pontius is best in close combat, Zoya is better at long range attacks. She begins the game armed with a basic bow and arrow and grappling hook. The latter is ideal for hooking onto objects, enabling players to leap over spike lined chasms and scale or descend walls. An upgrade of a Ninja rope to her bow enables gamers to attach arrows to wooden surfaces and swing her onto difficult to reach ledges.

Zoya’s skills expand later in the game to include the ability to slow time. At a basic level this only lasts for 5 seconds, but as upgrades are added it increases up to 40 seconds. Whilst the slow time feature is in use, Zoya’s movement remains the same speed. Players can therefore utilize this ability to slow down advancing enemies and complete challenges such as running over ledges as a pile of boxes hurtle towards them.

Trine hits stores across the UK on 3rd July 2009.

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