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Frozen-themed PS4 coming to Japan next week. Cold never bothered Sony anyway.


Sony has embraced the Frozen phenomenon—so much so that Sony Japan has a Frozen-themed PlayStation 4 on the way.

Releasing alongside the Blu-Ray/DVD next week, the special PS4 features a fairly simple -- yet totally awesome -- outline of Anna, Elsa, and some snowflakes located on the top HDD panel. Okay, so it's not nearly as awesome as it could've been, but it's Frozen!need this.

The console will retail for 42,980 yen, but what's weird is that it doesn't even include the actual movie. If you want that, you'll have to pay an extra 4,000 yen. Worth it.

So far the console has only been announced for Japan, but can you imagine if they released it worldwide? Sony would easily win the next-gen console war. 

[Sony Japan]

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