From Software left a Heineken beer can, a car tire in Dark Souls 2

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From the Gutter to the Black Gulch, there’s certainly a lot of filth and forgotten garbage in Dark Souls 2. Even so, to find genuine refuse lying around is a bit strange to say the least. 

In his ’10 Things You Missed in The Pit’ video, popular Souls YouTuber VaatiVidya points out that, hidden in the texture of the bile excreted by a rat statue (what a fun sentence that is), a crushed can of Heineken beer can be found in all its out-of-place glory.

Dark Souls 2

Of course, an aluminum can is much more feasible than a car tire, right? Nevertheless, one is included in the texture of one of the Pit’s many precarious columns.

Dark Souls 2

In all likelihood, these inclusions were minor oversights made by From Software as they busily plastered their world with pre-made textures. That, or the game’s multiplayer system of spontaneously travelling between realms doesn’t even scratch the surface of Drangleic’s paradoxical timeline. 

Austin Wood
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