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Frighteningly accurate Goldeneye 64 fan made video


Hands down, Goldeneye for Nintendo 64 was everyone’s shit.  I’d be afraid to know how many hours me and my friend logged playing the multiplayer on the FPS.  We all had that friend that would be pick Odd Job or would set remote mines in the entire map then screen look to murder people – just to be a jerk… alas I digress.

If you ever played Goldeneye on N64 you’ll most likely get many of the subtle references shown in this fan made video posted on YouTube.  The nostalgia I felt while watching this clip made me both laugh and it dug up some repressed rage I suppressed years ago. 

The features I especially enjoyed were Natalya’s interactions and the enemy’s reactions.  Natalya was hands down one of the most aggravating NPC characters in any game ever.  This clip nails all my old frustrations.  She was slow, sometimes wouldn’t follow, would walk in front of your shots, would die, and would clip into walls making success impossible.  I’m mad thinking about it.  When a crouching enemy dies, they would stand up to fall over dead - this is definitely featured in the video.

Other neat things in the clip are the accurate sound effects from getting shot, how the health and armor bars looked, and Natalya repeating her same line over and over again.  How the enemies shoot their guns are identical to the game – I loved that.  If you ever played Goldeneye, watching this video is a must.  Enjoy this fan film, embrace the nostalgia, and relive your childhood nerd rage.

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