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Have you ever taken a break from playing Call of Duty and thought "Man, I wish I could relax by watching other people play Call of Duty"? Thankfully, Activision has you covered, having announced their original entertainment program Friday Night Fights as part of the Call of Duty ELITE service.

Produced by RSA productions (owned by Ridley Scott, which is cool), the show will be released directly to the Call of Duty to the new ELITE community hub. Basically, they're grabbing a bunch of people (and occasionally celebrities) who have some sort of minor beef with each other, and letting them sort out their feelings by putting bullets in each other's virtual skull.

 The first episode will feature the following slugfests.

  • Army vs. Navy
  • Police vs. Fireman
  • New York city fans vs. Boston fans

The first episode is slated to debut Friday, November 11th, for premium ELITE subscribers. In other words, if you wanna watch, you gotta pay. Thankfully, your money is being spent wisely, mostly recouping the amount being paid out to have Dwight Howard, Michelle Rodriguez, Jack Osbourne and the boys of Good Charlotte show up for this first episode. Also, all celebrity winnings go to charity, which is nice.

What do you think? Is content like this worthy of an ELITE subscription, or is Activision's risky new service destined to fail?

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