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Frenetic anime fighter, Koihime Enbu launches on Steam

A bunch of anime ladies beat the crap out of each other in this game

Koihime Enbu is an anime fighter based on the legendary novel, Romance of the Three Kingdoms by Developer Unknown Games. The twist with this game is that it features an all female roster (if you actually consider that a twist). Koihime Enbu is reminiscent of classic 2-D fighters like Street Fighter and BlazeBlue, featuring pin point controls, devastating combos and satisfying hit detection.

Fighting game enthusiast and streamer MechaGS has been hosting some preview streams of the game and had this to say about the game.

"Koihime Enbu at its core is a traditional fighter with easy access for beginners to hone their skills and for those more accustomed to fighters to jump in and feel at home. The game pushes the idea of footsies and good neutral that will eventually help any player — no matter the skill level — to reach a reasonable standard quickly whilst keeping the game fun and a pleasure to return to. Those who dare to push past the traditional points of the game will find their calling in taking advantage of the opponent and crushing their offense to learning advanced combos and wall-bounce mix-ups. There’s something in there for everyone at every skill level. All you need to do is find that character you feel can push you forward."

Koihime Enbu is currently running a launch sale with the game discounted 15%, making it $33.99. That's not a bad price for a launch title.

Source: [Steam]

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