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Freesky Online: Rome CAN Be Built In a Day

May 15, 2009

Freesky Online: Rome CAN Be Built In a Day

With the Freesky Online Closed Beta being released this week, there has been a rush of players into the new Freesky Online servers. However, as players get used to playing the game and become more familiar with the game functions, some players have been complaining that building construction is painfully slow. So the Freesky team from IGG are introducing a new function that is sure to be a hit with these busy gamers, the Sandglass.

The Sandglass is an important function of Freesky Online, as it instantly completes construction, updating, and manufacturing which may have otherwise taken several hours. Apart from the exclusive VIP functions found in other games, this function is available to all players as long as the max time cost is less than 8 minutes.

If the time cost for construction, updating, or manufacturing is more than 8 minutes, players have the option of purchasing Sky +Points in the Item Mall to create the same effect. In addition, players can buy services in the Item Mall to “Increase material yield by 20%”or ”Increase parts’ process speed by 20%”, which will help players complete more tasks in less time!

Players can participate in the following events to obtain Sky Points and experience the pleasure of their own personal Rome being built in a day (…or two)!

  1. Freesky Online Parade—Make your proclamation and get 50 Gift Points!

  2. King of the Sky——Top 10 Lords will obtain 200 Gift Points.

  3. Treasure Boxes Giveaway Everyday——Claim treasure boxes 3 times every day and open them to get surprises.

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