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Freesky Online: Mini Client under Development

June 9, 2009

Freesky Online: Mini Client under Development

As more and more players rush to join Freesky Online, the FO team has been working nonstop to improve gameplay. One of their most recent improvements is the development of a mini game client. With a mini client players will spend less time downloading and installing the game, and more time getting started in game. With the latest version, download will be reduced to only a few minutes.

When this new version client is released, there will be 2 ways for gamers to play the game.

First, the FO team knows that in this new digital world, life can be very fluid, and ever changing. So if you’re one of those gamers that finds themselves on the move a lot, whether working, or on business trips, or just been enjoying the worst parts of the economy as of late, then you can log into the game straight from their official website.

Second, if you happened to be one of the more stable gamers out there, or if you’ve got yourself a brand new netbook burning a hole in your bag, then the FO team will have an incomparably small client for you to download. Only a bit of RAM and a small amount of precious Hard Drive space is needed.

So, whether you’re always on the go, or you consider hard drive space sacred, then check out the upcoming mini client from the ultimate world conquest game, Freesky Online!

For more information, please visit the official site

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