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Freesky Online: Economical Development Directions

May 14, 2009

Freesky Online: Economical Development Directions

With easy-to-complete newbie quests, Freesky Online is a fantastic game that players can get started playing very fast. After the newbie period and introductions to all the critical components and functions, you need to choose a direction for your empire to develop. With the might of an Empire weighing on you, many players will choose the safe route and go for strong economic development. This is the safe route because it ensures a stable economy with plenty of money to buy either arms or supplies. So, once you’ve decided to be a business friendly empire, where do you go from there?

Capitalism Gone Wild This direction is quite extreme, and in later phases, the potential to suddenly explode onto the scene becomes greater and greater. However, this kind of empire has a fatal weakness in that they will often be so busy trading and so focused on profit margins that they forget to build an Army. They will need, and depend on strong military-oriented allies.

Apart from the resources used for constructing and upgrading buildings, the rest will be sold to produce more funds to put back into economic development. After your economy gets rolling, you can either continue developing it or begin developing your military.

A Little Bit of Everything Development in this way means that you enjoy the best of both worlds, but are no match for the extremes. With an average economy producing average results that must support both the economy and an average military, this way of developing means that you will be able to withstand attacks from average players, but when facing an enemy that has grown beyond you, your moderation will come back to haunt you as you’re overwhelmed. Wild capitalists will be able to use their massive economy and large amounts of resources to quickly build an Army that will crush your Empire, while massively militaristic states will have been writing your eulogy since they launched their first airship. Maintaining a balance can be good, but don't let it doom your Empire to mediocrity. Those same militaristic states that may threaten to overwhelm you may also be important allies; while with a good economy, you can take advantage of the business friendly capitalists. Choosing friends and allies may make all the difference for this type of economy.

Hidden Development They say knowledge is power. Knowing something your enemy doesn’t can be very powerful, to be sure. Keeping your development hidden and letting potential friends or enemies know only what they need to know can be very helpful when it comes time to put force to words. However, don't let your clever plans be your undoing. If your enemies see through you, you may end up falling easy to a well planned attack at just the right time.

Develop your economy for a time, possibly 2 or 3 days or a little longer, and then switch to focus on your military. Attack NPC zones or weaker players to gather resources for your budding military or to trade. Don’t fall into patterns of development; change is your friend and strategy. With your development going in so many directions, it may buy you enough time to develop into a power in the region, or to find powerful allies.

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