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Freesky Online: 2 Distinct Development Directions

May 6, 2009

Freesky Online: 2 Distinct Development Directions

Many new players have expressed confusion about how to evolve in Freesky Online ( when they first log into the game. Today the folks at Freesky Online will be giving new players some tips on the best ways to get started in Freesky.

After players finish the 14 newbie quests, they need to choose a development direction. There are 2 directions. One is to become a military empire; the other one is to become a commercial empire.

Commercial Empire

Money makes the world go round and those who have a lot of it are in an enviable position compared to others. Building a powerful trade empire which uses advanced technology in the production of materials and parts means that soon you will have customers lining up to buy from you. A powerful trade empire enables an alliance to develop faster and to build miracles. A commercial empire requires a safe and stable environment which a powerful alliance can provide. After joining an alliance, you can gain the knowledge and support of your allies. Most importantly, a commercial empire needs the protection of an alliance because it doesn’t have many fleets of its own.

Military Empire

If you would like to command huge fleets and engage in intense battles, then build a strong military empire and begin your conquest. A powerful military empire ensures the survival and development of an Alliance. With the help of strong fleets, the alliance can protect their merchants, fight enemies and occupy NPC zones to secure their place in the game world.

However, neither of these development strategies will last long on their own. Form alliances to increase the strength and power of your empire while at the same time assuring your security.

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