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Free-to-play Star Wars: The Old Republic sure does come with a lot of restrictions


When BioWare first announced that Star Wars: The Old Republic would offer a free-to-play option — just eight months after the game released — it was originally thought that it would provide players with "flexibility and choice". Sure, it would come with some limitations, but that's to be expectedThe new, free-to-play option was designed to entice many players into joining The Old Republic universe.

However, now that BioWare has detailed the exact limitations that players who opt for the free-to-play version will face, it doesn't look that appealing. An updated page at the official Star Wars: The Old Republic website lists a ton of restrictions on the free-to-play version.

Free-to-play users will still have full access to their full class stories from level 1-50, but they face restrictions on character creation choices and limits on the amount of times they can run Flashpoints, participate in PvP Warzones, and perform Space Missions. The current limit is three times a week for each. BioWare will offer Weekly Passes for each in order to get unlimited access, so if you do purchase one you better make sure to play a lot that week.

Other restrictions include a limits on Cargo Bay and Inventory storage which can be removed using the new Cartel Coins currency. There's no option to run Operations under the free package, unless you purchase a Weekly Pass. Additionally, if you do happen to stumble upon rare items while running an Operation, the site states that you "cannot equip most purple items unless a license is purchased from the Cartel Market."

Most of the other restrictions are matters of convenience; subscribers get priority on login queues, a shorter Quick Travel cooldown, and the ability to use the Emergency Fleet Pass to instantly return to your factions' space station. You will also be limited to one Crew Skills unless additional ones are purchased with Cartel Coins. Field revivals are capped at 5 before you must revive at the nearest Med Center.

Got all of that? If not, check out the full list here. There's still no fixed date except for "later this fall", but with all of these restrictions, does Star Wars: The Old Republic's free-to-play option even appeal to you?

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