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Several weeks ago we detailed the add-on content outline developer Rockstar presented for their latest shooter, Max Payne 3. The outline featured four exciting, action-packed DLC packs for players to shoot their way through, including the first, “Disorganized Crime Pack.”

Today, though, Rockstar announced that the free Disorganized Crime Pack will be making its way onto the PSN and Xbox 360 marketplace next week, August 28. The pack includes a nod to L.A. Noire through an interesting black and white mode that allows players to play the entire single-player campaign in black and white. Also included is the “Hoboken Rooftops” multiplayer map and modifiers for Score Attack in Arcade Mode.

The other three add-on packs will be 800 MSP each and will be released throughout the rest of 2012. We’ll be sure to report future release dates. Until then, let us know your thoughts on the free Disorganized Crime pack for Max Payne 3 when it launches next week.

Source: [GameInformer]

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