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Free Kinect Sports DLC Out Today, Includes Achievements


Microsoft has released a bit of free DLC for Kinect Sports today. Titled the "Party Pack", players will be granted access to new activities for each sport already in the game, including Pinvaders (Bowling), King of the Ring (Boxing), Target Smash (Table Tennis), Rapid Runner (Track and Field), Super Striker (Soccer), and Fruit Splatter (Volleyball).

There are also 10 new achievements for a total of 250 additional gamerscore to coincide with the new mini-games.

Kinect's ugly duckling, Joy Ride, will also be getting some free DLC next month. On January 4, a Chevrolet car pack will add a Corvette, Camaro, and Cruze. Still won't make the game any less terrible, though.

I think Kinect Sports is the clear winner here, and it's nice to see Microsoft finally giving up quality content gratis, for once.

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