Free downloadable game 1000 Pokemon and the Thieves announced

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Nintendo is keeping the new Pokemon games rolling with the announcement of 1000 Pokemon and the Thieves, revealed in Japanese magazine CoroCoro.

Currently only confirmed for release in Japan, the game is a free downloadable title for 3DS and will make extensive use of the system’s StreetPass feature. StreetPassing other players will grow your collection of Pokemon (themed as stickers in this case), giving you access to new members simply by walking around—presumably to combat the antagonists of the series’ upcoming movie Diancie and the Cocoon of Destruction, which the game ties into.  

Nintendo has been in a Pokemon frenzy lately, what with Pokemon Ruby & Sapphire seeing full remakes and artistic spin-off title Pokemon Art Academy on its way down. And with E3 just weeks away, Nintendo America may soon have news regarding a stateside release for this one. If not, there’s always the holiday season, right?


Austin Wood
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