Freddie Prinze Jr. will voice James Vega in Mass Effect 3

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James Vega is a new character that will be available in Mass Effect 3. He will be one of Commander Shepard's supporters and as it turns out, Freddie Prinze Jr. will be voicing the new character.

Although, scenes of Scooby Doo (the movie) keep popping up in my head, Prinze Jr.'s character is far from that. Vegas is a straight-forward, serious Marine with an apetitie to fight. He gets some of his inspiration from an actual Army captain and after watching the actor take on the role in this video, fans will definitely be excited to see the rest of Prinze Jr's Vega character in Mass Effect 3. [Gametrailers]

Mass Effect 3 is due out on March 6 for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.

Heath Hooker
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