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Fox is rebooting 'Daredevil' and 'Fantastic Four'

Remember that lackluster Daredevil movie with Ben Affleck as Matt Murdock — the blind lawyer who fights crime as the masked avenger, The Daredevil? It wasn't very good and grossed $178 million worldwide while it cost $78 million to make. Well it looks like 20th Century Fox sees some redeeming qualities in the Daredevil franchise. Maybe this whole accepting who you are thing they have with Glee makes them want to take another shot at a blind superhero. And with The Amazing Spider-man reboot already being successful, X-Men: First Class being a hit and getting a sequel, and an inevitable Batman reboot, it looks like reboots are all the craze right now.

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The problem is they just lost their director for the project. David Slade (Twilight Saga: Eclipse, 30 Days of Night) has dropped out of Daredevil due to bad timing, as he is currently directing the pilot of the series Hannibal. While they have a script they like, Fox needs to find a director and get the film into production by fall or they risk having the property revert to Marvel Studios and Disney. Personally, I'd rather see Marvel and Disney handle a Daredevil reboot than Fox, but that's just me.

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The other superhero movie getting a reboot by Fox is Fantastic Four, and they just got Josh Trank (Chronicle) to direct it. The Fantastic Four reboot will feature a new cast and is set to follow The Wolverine sequel and the X-Men: First Class sequel in production priorities. The first Fantastic Four movie, starring Chris Evans and Jessica Alba, grossed over $330 million, while its sequel Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer took in $131 million in the Unite States. Neither film impressed critics or movie-goers.

Here's hoping Josh Trank can breathe some life into the franchise.

[Source: Deadline]

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