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Four Oddworld Titles from Just Add Water Coming This Year


Plenty of Oddworld content is scheduled to make its rounds in 2011. It was announced that Stranger's Wrath and Abe's Oddyseey would be remade later this year, but developer Just Add Water recently revealed plans for two additional Oddworld titles, as well. A post on the company website stated that Just Add Water was looking for talent to help work on the upcoming games: "We have positions available right now. We are looking for these roles to be filled as soon as possible. You would be working on various Oddworld Inhabitants based projects with 4 to be released THIS year, and more coming over the next few years."

Aside from the two remakes, nothing is known about the upcoming Oddworld projects. With two additional titles in the works for launch later this year and more games planned, it appears that Just Add Water has big hopes for the Oddworld franchise. We'll have more on the upcoming games as the developers reveal new information.


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