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Four Hudson Games Axed


With Konami's recent takeover of Hudson Soft, changes were bound to be made. The company has converted Hudson into a social game developer, and a handful of prepared titles have officially been canceled. The latest issue of Famitsu revealed that three titles for the Nintendo 3DS and one Wii game were axed.

Originally slated for launch on the 3DS, Bomberman, Bonk, and Omega Five were all taken out of development. It's a real shame that these games were canceled. A 3D side-scrolling game starring Bonk, the big-headed caveman, could have been a fun little platformer. It would have been pretty cool seeing Bomberman in stereoscopic 3D, and words cannot even begin to express how awesome it would have been to shoot high-tech baddies while soaring through colorful worlds in a 3D version of Omega Five.

This shows how lowly Konami thinks of Hudson's properties. I initially hoped that Konami would take advantage of their newly acquired assets, but instead they've completely canceled upcoming Hudson games and turned the company with the bumble bee logo into yet another social game developer. Don't even get me started on that.

Hudson may be responsible for the abysmal Deca Sports series, but I still have a fondness for the company. Speaking of the cheap Wii Sports clone that no one cares about, Deca Sports 4 for the Wii was also among the list of canceled Hudson games. Of course, that probably won't perturb anyone too much. But Bonk, Bomberman, and Omega Five? That's weak, Konami. Real weak.

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