Foul Play announced for PS4 and Vita

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Mediatonic, an indie developer responsible for PSN Minis like 1000 Tiny Claws and Who's That Flying?!, has announced a new game for the PS4 and Vita. It's called Foul Play and it's a theater-based beat 'em up.

Victorian Daemonologist, Baron Dashforth, is recreating his adventures for the stage and no expense has been spared for his one-night-only show. According to Mediatonic, it's a game that rewards "performance over pummelling." In place of a conventional life bar is a "Mood-o-Meter" that you must keep filled by pleasing the audience with action (combos and things of that nature).

Foul Play will run in full 1080p at 60 frames per second on the PS4. Mediatonic is currentlyw orking to make sure "everything looks great" on the Vita display. Unfortunately, we don't know when the curtain will open on Foul Play, but this is definitely a game I am looking forward to.

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