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Forza Dev Has One Nit to Pick with Xbox's Project Scorpio

And it actually has nothing to do with video quality.

Turn 10 of Forza Fame Has One Nit to Pick with Scorpio

From the Scorpio stage, we've heard endless praise from first-party studios on the upcoming Xbox device, which is pretty expected. However, during an interview with Gamasutra, Forza Motorsport developers Turn 10 had something to nit pick.

Software Architect for Turn 10, Chris Tector, pointed out that his issue with the system had nothing to do with graphics, which is good considering it's the main focus of the new system. He instead turned his attention to audio processing, something rarely thought of in a driving game. In reality, the audio requirements of a Forza game are pretty taxing.

"We didn’t get to the right place with audio hardware. On all of Xbox One. And we were hoping that would improve, because that would really open up some CPU headroom for us. I don’t know if I’m calling out something I’m not supposed to! But we do a lot of heavier-weight audio than some other games do, and it means we do a lot of real-time mixing of that. Because the way we generate an engine is more of a simulation based on a whole lot of loops. But it means that we’re modeling the different subcomponents within the car. So not just the engine, it’s actually transmission and an inner cooler and blah blah blah, all these little bits on the engine that we’re building up, and then that’s a final mix on one car. And then we’ve gotta go do it on the next one.

So it’s pretty heavyweight, and we have some heavy requirements around that. But we’ll get there someday."

On the other end of the system specs, Turn 10 stated that it only took one person working for two days to get their ForzaTech engine running at 4K resolution with 60 fps on Scorpio's hardware.

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