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FortressCraft "Nothing Like Minecraft" Claims Developer


When FortressCraft landed on Xbox Live Arcade, the indie title immediately drew a large number of comparisons to the PC hit Minecraft. Despite the recently surpassing 500K sales, the developers of FortressCraft still find themselves defending the hit indie title, claiming the two games have no similarities.

“The Notch Defense Force said things like 'you even stole the name,' but the actual gameplay is nothing like Minecraft," Adam Sawkins told IGN in a recent interview. I don't know i f I would go that far, Mr. Sawkins. Seeing as how both titles are open world games where you build things, the games are more similar than you may think, or even like to admit. The description of the game even reads, "FortressCraft is an independently developed and produced game about construction, survival and destruction." Sounds awfully similar to Minecraft to me.

Regardless, Sawkins still defended his response and even threw in a few negative things about Notch's PC title, “Minecraft has been squeezed out of its own market. It might do well on the name alone, but if you want sexy graphics and shaders and the creative aspect, you have FortressCraft. If you want to fight monsters and share stuff with your friends, you have Total Miner. Nobody will pay for Minecraft when they can pay $3.00 for Total Miner or FortressCraft."

That's great. Claim you can outsell your opponent by charging considerably less for your game. And I guarantee people will still pay for Minecraft, despite ProjectorGames attempt to port FortressCraft over to the PC and PS3.

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