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FortressCraft website suffers DDoS attack on day of Minecraft 360 launch


Following the launch of Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition on XBLA an attack against fellow XBLA game FortressCraft was carried out.

According to FortressCraft developer Adam Sawkins, an distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacked was carried out on his game's website the same day it's rival Minecraft launched.

Sawkins recently spoke to Eurogamer about the incident which has led tot he police being called to investigate, and while he didn't specifically tell the European-based gaming news site it was Minecraft fans, he's been more than open about who he believes is responsible for the attack on his Twitter.

"F**k you and your 'community', @Notch," Sawkins tweeted.

Sawkins has been on the receiving end of some harsh verbal attacks about him and his game, FortressCraft, which many claim to be a blatant copy off of Notch's Minecraft.  Regardless of how you feel about Sawkins and his game, it's not right to attack his website over a game.  First of all, it's ruining his business and second of all, in Europe, it's a fairly serious crime.

Speaking to Eurogamer, Sawkins revealed, "We know *who* it was, but sadly we didn't get a note in the post saying WHY."

"We've sailed over our cap for the month so far, and are going through the process of talking to the police about it. Under British law, yes [the police can act on the attack]," he added. "Hacking is a fairly serious crime over here, and it's not a personal site, it's a business site. Loss of earnings, all that crap. I personally wouldn't have bothered, but the guy who does my website is FLAMING over it!"

FortressCraft is the most successful Xbox LIVE Indie Game ever, notching its 750,000th sale earlier this year.  It's on track to hit one million sales in the next 10 months, although with the recent launch of Minecraft on the Xbox 360, some are calling for the death of Sawkins' game.

Despite the competition, Sawkins remains committed to FortressCraft.

"I have a community to support, and ideas to implement. I don't write my game for the sales," he said on Twitter, obviously taking a shot at Notch who recently boasted about Minecraft: Xbox 360 Editions's sales doing "very, very good".  And for the record, Notch did confirm that Minecraft 360 is "doing better" than FortressCraft.




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