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Fornite bans thousands of cheaters

Ban them, ban them all!

Thousands of players have been banned from Fortnite in an ongoing effort to stop cheaters from ruining their game. Epic Games has started their own battle royale against the cheaters.

Epic Games is currently pushing Fortnite quite heavily, successfully doing so, and their launch of the PvP mode "Battle Royal" brought over one million players online. But as with most multiplayer games, there is a slight issue with cheaters, and Epic Games is having none of it. Community Coordinator Nathan Mooney posted an update on their official website about the issue and said "Let’s be straight for a second, nobody likes playing with cheaters. Not you, not me. Nobody." But what is Epic Games doing about it? Mooney continued and said:

"To start, addressing cheaters in Fortnite is the highest priority across Epic Games. We are constantly working against both the cheaters themselves and the cheat providers. And it’s ongoing, we’re exploring every measure to ensure these cheaters are removed and stay removed from Fortnite Battle Royale and the Epic ecosystem. We don’t want to give too many clues about what we’re doing, but we are rolling out tools and will continue to do so. Thousands have been banned and we have no plans to stop!"

Banning cheaters and working against cheat providers is just one way that Epic Games will be working against cheaters, the other way Epic Games will be doing so is by implementing a progression system. With a progression system, players will be earing stuff to not only look rad but also fight the war on cheaters. Progression will remove the incentive to just cheat through games since your characters get better.

"In the next several weeks we’ll also roll out progression. Account progression means that you will earn stuff as you play. And it’s not just for fun - it will also help in the war against casual Cheaters and will give them less incentive to simply cheat their progression with a ban around the corner! For those persistent trolls, we’ll be continuing to work on solutions."

Hopefully, this will remove a majority of the cheaters ruining the game for all the legit players. Epic Games ended their update by asking players who see filthy cheaters to report them at once. But in happier Fortnite news, there are now over seven million Fortnite players. Great success, Epic Games!

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