Former Star Trek Online Artist Developing a New Sci-fi Online Multiplayer Game

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Lee Dotson may not be the lead artist for Star Trek Online anymore, but that's not stopping him from making sci-fi multiplayer titles. ZarkSoft Games is an independent development company founded by Dotson and other online multiplayer game creators. Together, they have begun work on Empire of the Eclipse for iOS, a real-time strategy game inspired by Master of Orion and the Civilization series.

Empire of the Eclipse will feature online multiplayer across Apple's handheld and portable platforms for up 1,500 players at a time. The game will support in-game email and chat, and players will be able to craft their own strategies for gaining territory. Peaceful approaches are completely viable as are more forceful war tactics. Ultimately, your goal (and the goal of thousands of other players) will be to take control of the galaxies as you engage in intergalactic battles across space.

Release details are scarce at the moment, but ZarkSoft has confirmed a Q1 2011 release for Empire of the Eclipse.


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