Former Microsoft CEO bids $2 billion for L.A. Clippers

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For those not keeping up with the latest NBA news, Los Angeles Clippers owner David Sterling is being pressured by the NBA to sell his team following the release of several audio clips in which the owner was heard making racist remarks. While the team has reportedly been accepting multiple offers, one particular bid came from a very interesting person: former Microsoft chief executive officer Steve Ballmer.

According to ESPN sources, Steve Ballmer has reportedly signed an agreement with the Sterling family trust to purchase the Los Angeles Clippers for $2 billion. His bid is believed to be the highest submitted, topping offers from groups led by music mogul David Geffen ($1.6 billion) and L.A. investors Tony Ressler and Steve Karsh ($1.2 billion).

Ballmer announced his plan for retirement back in August 2013, but stayed with Microsoft until they found a suitable replacement. In February of this year, Microsoft named Satya Nadella the new Chief Executive Officer. The 58-year-old Ballmer is believed to be worth $20.3 billion, and his purchase of the Clippers would make him the richest majority owner in major U.S. sports.

What's interesting is that this isn't Ballmer's first attempt to purchase an NBA team. Last year, he was part of a group that attempted to buy the Sacramento Kings with the intent of moving the team to Seattle. NBA owners voted to reject the proposed move.

What do you think of Steve Ballmer becoming the owner of the L.A. Clippers? We know at least one man who supports it.

I just hope Ballmer brings this type of energy when he's first introduced as the new Clippers owner.

Matt Liebl You can follow Senior News Editor Matt Liebl on Twitter @Matt_GZ. He likes games, sports, musicals, and his adorable dog, Wrigley, and his wife.
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