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Former Bizarre, Blur developers tease their upcoming racing game


After having its doors closed in 2011 by publisher Activision, Bizarre Games, the masterminds behind the popular racer Blur, went off and opened their own studio called Lucid Games. Today, the developer teased their first game since forming the studio on their Facebook page.

"So yeah, Mid-May will be interesting for the studio. We have some exciting updates coming. Stay tuned!"

Road Opens

The update also included a teaser image (shown above) that clearly reveals that the game is a racing title, and that it may be set somewhere in England. Interestingly enough, the “mid-may” timeframe may also be set in accord with Microsoft’s next Xbox event on May 21, meaning that this racer could be coming to next-generation consoles.

We’ll update you on Lucid Games’ upcoming title as more information becomes available throughout the month of May.

Source: [Facebook]

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