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Former Battlefield dev teases WWI setting ahead of Battlefield 5 reveal

Can he be trusted?

Former Battlefield dev teases WWI setting ahead of Battlefield 5 reveal


While Cousins is a former DICE developer, it does not mean the his predictions or teases are accurate. He could simply be trolling the Battlefield community or outright revealing the game's true setting  -- we will only know the truth when DICE revealed their game.

Battlefield 5 is set to be revealed later today, but it appears as though one of the former developers at DICE cannot handle the anticipation. Benjamin Cousins, a former developer at DICE, left the game developing company last year to found his own studio with David Goldfarb, another former DICE dev (as well as Overkill dev).

Cousins has taken to Twitter teasing the potential setting of Battlefield 5.

Turns out his "random reading" leads people to a game named Codename Eagle from 1999, developed by Refraction Games, who later became part of DICE and helped develop Battlefield 1942. Codename Eagle was set in a world where World War I (WWI) and the October Revolution had never occurred and Germany was not involved with any other world powers. The game was focuses on Russia.

The article does go on to link Battlefield 1942, which could even suggest that Battlefield 5 could be set in WW2, however, that doesn't fall in line with the following tweet from Cousins.

Following the tweet for Codename Eagle, Cousins linked an article that was reporting on a rumor from February this year. The rumor was focused on a Swiss retailer that had listed Battlefield 5 as a WWI shooter.

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