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Halo: Reach Update Now Live With New Playlists


Halo: Reach has just received a massive update, adding community-created maps, an Arena playlist, and a slew of new changes.

The various tweaks and additions are listed below:

PLAYLISTS Arena -Added FFA Arena playlist, test your might in this 6-8 player Arena -Added Unanchored map variant to all Arena playlists -Players can now change their votes in Arena playlists

Community Slayer -The first of several new community playlists -Unaltered maps made by you, the Halo community -Play and vote. Your voting data controls what rises into the ranks of official playlists!

Team Objective -Cleaned up entries in the Team Objective playlist, we now offer the best of the best

MLG -Maps updated to v2.1, this includes fixes to weapon spawn times

Team Slayer -Adjusted weightings in response to voting data, default 'Team Slayer' should now be available more often


Asylum -Added soft kill volumes to the rocks leading up to the ledge on the right side of the Red Base (AKA, Infection camping grounds) -Adjusted the placement of the large rock on the outside ledge of Red Sniper spawn

The Cage -Added soft kill volumes to some lower areas outside of the intended playable space

Anchor 9 -Modified the size and shape of the center hill object to better fit the area in KOTH games

Breakpoint -Reduced the radius of the safe haven in the greenhouse


Big Team Slayer -Now 100 to win!

Elite Slayer -Modified loadouts, Armor Lock is now accompanied by a Plasma Rifle instead of a Needler

Rocket Race -Motion Tracker is now Enabled -Hud-widget for KPH is now in the bottom center

Powerups In gametypes built from the latest matchmaking variants, powerups should now function as they do in Forge

You'll need to save off the latest game variants from your temporary history to take advantage of this!

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