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Forget the Saints Row 4 Dubstep gun, it's all about the Singularity Black Hole Launcher

Saints Row 4 dubstep gun

Much has been made of the Dubstep Gun in Saints Row 4. Heck, a replica of the weapon is even included in the special 'Super Dangerous Wub Wub Edition' of the game. But while the Dubstep gun is the glitz and glamor of the game -- turning your foes into beat pumping, fist pounding, light flashing, dancing fools -- it's actually not my weapon of choice. Yes, it's over the top, but if you are looking for straight up overpoweredness, you're going to want the Singularity Black Hole Launcher.

Look, I'm not going to get all scientific on you by defining a black hole and gravitational singularity; that's what Wikipedia is for. What I will say, is that this was by far my favorite weapon in the game, and easily the most overpowered. Without getting too technical, the gun basically opens up a black hole wherever it is fired; get it even remotely close to an enemy and you will suck in everything and everyone around it. One single shot can crush a group of enemies once sucked into the hole. Like I said, overpowered.

It's hard to say when exactly you'll acquire this weapon in the game as my preview demo threw me in the middle of the city with all of my super powers and weapons already included, but Saints Row 4 senior producer Jim Boone told me that it doesn't take "too long" to get hold of the gun. You can read GameZone's full E3 preview of Saints Row 4 here.

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