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Ford Showroom Hits PlayStation Home


Chances are if you didn't care about PlayStation Home before, the newest feature to hit the online hub won't do anything to change your mind. A virtual Ford showroom has made its way to Home thanks to Sony and Ford. After having just learned about this new feature, I'm going to be straightforward and ask, who cares?

PlayStation Home has been a festering cesspool of boredom and useless content that doesn't offer anything substantially enjoyable for gamers. While I have definitely seen a handful of gamers who are actually excited to be hanging around the virtual world, I gather that these folks are either fanboys or just plain daft. Seriously, there's nothing cool or entertaining about Home, and I truly question these people's sanity.

In case you're one of the handful of people who actually cares about the latest features to hit Home, you'll be glad to know that the Ford showroom is an interactive representation of what you could expect if you attended an actual Ford showcase. Want to get greeted by a polite representative? You can do that. Would you like to sit in the cars? Hey, have at it! Perhaps you want to test drive one of the many Ford vehicles on display. You're out of luck there, buddy--these cars are for show only.

You can also play a game to win a Ford shirt for your Home character. I'd rather play a game that lets me get in the cars and drive off with them. Or maybe a mini-game where Home characters wield sledgehammers and earn points based on how much damage they can cause within the virtual showroom. Oh, Home, you're still a completely absurd feature.

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