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Last month, a critic at Slate found Dark Souls to be a "soul-deadening exercise." Now Erik Kain at Forbes is striking back against what he calls "a deep misunderstanding of what a game is and why we play them."

"Saying that Dark Souls doesn’t satisfy all the same thematic desires in a gamer that War and Peace achieves for its readers is like saying that your pizza isn’t as chocolaty as that piece of chocolate cake you just ate and is therefore a complete and utter waste of time," wrote Kain.

Kain disproves a number of Michael Thomsen's criticisms and questions the author's motives: "Such sneering seems out of place in a review of any game, and reveals a deep animosity toward gaming itself."

You can read the whole of Kain's arguments at the Forbes website. Which critic do you think makes the better point?

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