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For Honor player wins $10,000 in tournament by exploiting the game

Talk about rude.

Ubisoft hosted a For Honor tournament with the goal of finding the best duelist in the game and awarding them with a $10,000 prize. There's good news and bad news, the good news it someone won and the bad news is that they kind of cheated.

"I didn't think it'd be this easy," said Jakub 'SB.Alernakin' Palen after he claimed his $10,000 prize. "Before the tournament, I hadn’t played the game for two weeks."

Well, it turns out Palen didn't need to practice playing the game, because he utilized a fairly well know exploit found in For Honor. The exploit, called 'unlock tech,' made his attacks unblockable. Basically, the exploit uses For Honor's lock-on system in an unintended way. To use the exploit, a player just needs to unlock from their opponent during a swing and boom, some of their attacks are unparryable.

Ubisoft has detailed that they are working to "remove this unintended behavior" in recent patch notes, but that hasn't done anything to change the fact that an exploiter won $10K.

[PC Gamer]

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