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Foot pedals, bass support and more detailed in a recent Rocksmith 2014 Community Developer Q&A


The next installment of Ubisoft’s Rocksmith franchise is set to launch this October as Rocksmith 2014. Packaged in with 50 new songs, 2014 also includes a number of revamped features that made the original Rocksmith so enticing to play. To outline what’s returning and what’s new in Rocksmith 2014, Rocksmith Community Developer Michael Madavi took to YouTube and answered several fan questions in a Community Developer Q&A.

Among a few details confirmed, Madavi established that players will be able to add in stomp boxes (foot pedals) to their line from console to guitar. The game itself does not directly support foot pedals, but the quarter-inch jack will still be able to pick up pedal volume. Madavi also pointed out that bass will be fully supported in 2014, and that every original Rocksmith track, including purchased DLC, will be playable in the game.

If you’d like to hear more questions answered in the Community Developer Q&A video, you can view the video below:

Source: [YouTube – Rocksmith] 

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