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Flexible Raiding coming to World of Warcraft in Patch 5.4

World of Warcraft raid wipe

World of Warcraft upcoming content update Patch 5.4 is bringing with it a new type of raid called Flexible Raiding. The new raiding type is catered towards smaller social groups of friends and family, smaller guilds that try to include as many members as possible, and casual WoW gamers.

A post to previewed Flexible Raiding, and here's the gist of it.

"During the Wrath of the Lich King expansion, the 10-player Normal difficulty served these groups of players pretty well, but the unification of 10-player and 25-player into a single difficulty effectively eliminated that niche. While Raid Finder mode is extremely accessible, it doesn’t provide smaller groups with a tight-knit social experience while progressing through the content. In Patch 5.4, we’re planning to introduce a new mode of raiding that allows us to deliver the sort of experience that we think these players are looking for."

The Flexible Raid system includes a new difficulty that's between the Raid Finder and Normal difficulty. It will be available for premade groups of 10 to 25 players. Any number of players in between will be able to participate. The difficulty/challenge of the raid will scale automatically to the amount of players you have in the raid. There's also no Item Level requirement for the Flexible Raid system. Since it's pre-made groups participating with no matchmaking system, you set your own requirements, if you want any at all.

There's a new Item Level that's being introduced for Flexible Raiding. Flexible mode will award loot with an Item Level that sits between Raid Finder and Normal quality. It will also "use the Raid Finder's "per person" loot system, specialization choices, and bonus rolls, so you won't need to worry about bringing the 'wrong' person and having them win that piece of gear you've long been waiting for."

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