Flavor Monsters launches today for Apple and Android devices

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Flavor Monsters, a new game designed to teach teens and young people about the deceptive techniques of Big Tobacco, released today. Now available on select Apple and Android devices, you can download this game for free and begin defending Earth from mutated creatures representing the added flavorings in tobacco.

Using advanced technology, like lasers, players must defeat these monsters and stop the invasion. In addition to fun gameplay, Flavor Monsters contains accompany field manuals detailing the monsters, along with relevant tobacco-related facts.

"truth has always been on the cutting edge, connecting with teens where they naturally gather and through activities they enjoy and common experiences they share with their friends and peers," said Cheryl G. Healton, DrPH, president and CEO of Legacy, the national public health foundation that directs and funds the truth campaign. "With the launch of Flavor Monsters, truth's fun and educational message can be carried with teens wherever they go through their mobile devices."

Coinciding with today's launch of Flavor Monsters, truth will embark on a gaming tour. At gaming conventions, truth will host an interactive "45 Flavors" booth that will allow attendees to play the game, get pictures taken with the Flavor Monster, both sample and buy truth-related gear, and star in your very own Flavor Monsters game.

"The launch of the mobile game and the corresponding gaming tour is just part of a comprehensive 'Flavor Monsters' experience where we will be connecting with teens and young people through a number of communications 'touch points" said Eric Asche, Chief Marketing Officer of Legacy. "Branded entertainment, new gear and a 'real-life' game experience are all tools we are using to bring the game to life for users and to reach teens in as many ways possible with our important information about tobacco use."

If you are attending Dragon Con in Atlanta this weekend be sure to stop by the 45 Flavors booth and have a hands-on with Flavor Monsters. Or just go download it now; it's free!

Matt Liebl You can follow Senior News Editor Matt Liebl on Twitter @Matt_GZ. He likes games, sports, musicals, and his adorable dog, Wrigley, and his wife.
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