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Flaunt Your Dueling Skills in The Witcher: Versus

July 9, 2008

Flaunt Your Dueling Skills in The Witcher: Versus

Addictive Head-to-Head Battles and Character Development Highlight Web-Based Game from CD Projekt RED and one2tribe

Pick up your sword and slash your so-called friends into submission in The Witcher: Versus, the web-based dueling game formerly known as The Witcher: DuelMail. In The Witcher: Versus, players can finally fulfill their dreams of challenging a friend or complete stranger to a duel without having to put their real-world lives on the line. The game is free to play at

The Witcher: Versus should be considered a serious hazard to productivity for anyone with computer access at work, due to its “just one more fight and then I’ll quit for today” nature. As a sorcerer, witcher or frightener, players challenge others to head-to-head battles with magic, swords, claws and more at their disposal. Winning a duel earns the player experience and money, which they can then use to upgrade their character’s attributes, learn new skills and buy new weapons in hopes of reaching the upper echelon of the game’s online leader board. The Witcher: Versus will be continually supported in the coming months with special events, competitions and more.

More than 48,000 people played the beta version of The Witcher: DuelMail, and the name was changed in celebration… or something. Just accept it – the name changed, and now The Witcher: Versus has launched with a number of improvements that have been implemented thanks to fan feedback during the beta. The game’s motion-captured animations have been overhauled, background visuals have been enhanced, balance between character classes has been improved, and new visual effects make spells and attacks even more impressive.

So what are you waiting for? Head to and start fighting everyone… and don’t worry about getting arrested

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