Flash Hit The Blocks Cometh Pirated on App Store

Screenshot - 824317

Alright, trying to copyright the word "doodle" can be pushing it too far in the eyes of some people, but everyone can agree that completely copying a game is just plain ludicrous. This is the case with the popular Flash game The Blocks Cometh. It seems some wily developer has completely copied Halfbot's original IP--right down to the game's name which is exactly the same--and is distributing it on the App Store.

Halfbot has sent an email to Apple, and they are currently awaiting response. Compare the image of the copycat version of The Blocks Cometh (seen above) to the original below. It's a shame that the fake game is actually selling well. That's probably due to the fact that it is an exact copy of the original release. Halfbot is currently keeping fans posted on the situation via Twitter. Get 'em, Halfbot!


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