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Flagship Studios Announces New Mythos Content

October 19, 2007



Flagship Seattle introduces new zone and content for highly anticipated free MMORPG

Ping0, LLC, a joint-venture between Flagship Studios and HanbitSoft, Inc., today announced the expansion of the closed beta program for the highly anticipated massively multiplayer online role-playing game Mythos™.

The expansion of the closed beta program will begin with the introduction of a new zone, Bloodbristle Heath, and the outpost town of Tulin’s Hope. Roughly doubling the size of the Mythos universe, this new content will include new levels, monsters, quests, items, and skills. To request an invitation to the closed beta, interested gamers should sign up at the official website:

“Since testing began in July, the team at Flagship Seattle has been working with our dedicated community to fine-tune the Mythos experience. With its addictive Diablo-style gameplay and simple learning curve, Mythos can be enjoyed in short bursts or for hours on end,” said Max Schaefer, Executive Producer of Mythos and founding member of Flagship Studios. “We look forward to the continued support of our community and welcome new testers to Mythos' world of Uld.”

Mythos is an online, action role-playing game that is free to download and free to play. Set in the land of Uld – a fantasy world arising from the ashes of an epoch-long war of darkness – players assume the roles of fantasy heroes as they explore, adventure, and quest through entirely randomized dungeons and environments. With an elegant point-and-click interface and an accessible isometric perspective, Mythos is poised to have near-universal appeal. The game allows thousands of players to interact within the same world while using mostly "instanced" dungeons to create unique gaming experiences suited for both solo and group-minded players.  

As players journey into Mythos’ ever-expanding universe, they select one of three races (Human, Satyr, or Gremlins) and opt to play as a particular character class using a huge variety of skills and items. On heroic quests, players will search for gold, gems, armor, and weapons, while unlocking the secrets of Uld. Mythos presents a constantly expanding, continuously updated world where something new lurks around every corner.

Mythos is an online action role-playing game developed by Flagship Seattle, a subsidiary of Flagship Studios. Mythos is currently exercising the online technology and services behind the multiplayer component of the highly-anticipated action role-playing game Hellgate: London. Mythos will be digitally distributed in North America and Europe by Ping0. HanbitSoft, Flagship Studios’ partner in Ping0, will be responsible for distributing Mythos in Asia.

For more information please visit the official Mythos website:

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