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First Phantasy Star Online 2 Screenshots Are Very Green


In anticipation of an upcoming alpha test for Phantasy Star Online 2, Sega has released the first screenshots for the game. The screens show a group of adventurers fighting monsters in a forest, which is probably what most people remember about the original game. Sure there were three other zones, but that initial forest is hard to get out of your head.

With nostalgia in play, screenshots are lush but strangely simplistic. The game definitely looks about a generation behind graphically, but that may be a result of its early state. Here's hoping the game looks substantially better when the final version is released.

I think the biggest concern for PSO2 is that for all the “returning to the roots” intentions they may have, they seem to be missing the point. Phantasy Star Online was a magical experience because it was a console game. It offered a glimpse into the MMO world, a brilliantly designed grind, and it was action-oriented enough for console players to enjoy.

If Sega wants to really get people excited for this game, they need to release it on XBLA and PSN, charge $15, and then skip monthly fees in favor of micro-transactions. Suddenly the concept would be unique again, and I suspect people would react well to it.

Check out the screens below and let us know if they've piqued your interest.

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