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First Dragons Sighted in Runes of Magic

October 8, 2009

First Dragons Sighted in Runes of Magic

‘Patch 2.1 – Aotulia Volcano’ Now Heating up Players

What does a volcano and a dragon have in common, apart from their ability to spew fire? Both of them appeared yesterday for the very first time in Taborea, the game world of Runes of Magic, courtesy of Patch 2.1. Just a few weeks following the release of the second chapter of Runes of Magic, the ‘Aotulia Volcano’, the hellish heart of the evil Naga empire, is now open for all gamers. The recently announced six-player dungeon, ‘Cave of the Water Dragon’, is also now live as player groups prepare to conquer the deranged dragon Lytfir.

High level players in particular will benefit from the free content update. Under glowing, ashen skies in the infernal zone around the ‘Aotulia Volcano’, there are numerous quests for players to complete. On their way through the almost impassable region to the heart of the enemy, only the bravest will be able to survive against the Naga and other aggressive creatures on their way to reaching the level 55 cap. In the new instance, ‘Cave of the Water Dragon’, player groups of six level 55 adventurers take on the epic challenge as they put their hard earned abilities to the test in combat with elemental beings and the unrestrained dragon.

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