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First Combat Mission Shock Force - Marines Videos released

July 16, 2008

First Combat Mission Shock Force - Marines Videos released

CMSF Marines Video AAR Our first expansion module for Combat Mission Shock Force, titled CMSF Marines, is nearing its release date and to help showcase some of the new units, vehicles and features of the game, one of the projects beta-testers has prepared the very first in-game video sneak preview and submitted it as part of our ongoing CMSF Video AAR Contest, sponsored by Matrox TripleHead2Go. Composed of three video chapters, these new vids were captured from a beta copy of Combat Mission Shock Force- Marines and depict a USMC armed recon into some heavily defended enemy infested terrain. Since the videos come from a beta version of the game, please note that they may not be indicative of final game performance, graphics or sounds.

Among other units featured in the videos are various models of the Marine Corps Light Attack Vehicle, or "LAV" including the 25mm cannon armed LAV-25 A2, the missile equipped LAV AT and the command vehicle variant, the LAV C2 A2.

You are invited to submit your own Video After-Action Reports to the contest! You can win a Matrox TripleHead2Go Digital Edition multi-screen Surround Gaming Module ($329 value) as well as free copies of the upcoming Combat Mission Shock Force - Marines module!

More details at the official contest page on the Battlefront channel at Youtube at

Click here to download the new Combat Mission Shock Force - Marines Sneak Preview Gameplay Videos

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