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First video of 'The Wolverine' filming in Australia released

So Australian girls in Mighty Ducks jerseys think Hugh Jackman has nice abs. That's what I learned from watching the first footage from the set of The Wolverine. That's right; The Wolverine has started shooting, confirmed by Hugh Jackman's tweet: "We're on day 1 of shooting. Wolverine is back... feel so pumped about this one... never felt so ready!!!! will keep y'all posted!!!"

Australia's 7News ran a story on it, since they're filming in Kurnell. It's been made to look like a Japanese prisoner of war camp, and you can see tons of (what look like) soldiers running.


It was already announced that the Silver Samurai will be the villain and that the plot revolves around Wolverine falling in love with a woman who's been promised to someone in the Yakuza.

The Wolverine is set to open on July 26, 2013.

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[Source: 7News]

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