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First print copies of The Last Story include 44-page art book


The Last Story is set to hit North American Wii consoles this summer, and publisher XSEED Games currently has plans for a limited run. Obviously, if you're an RPG fan who's been looking forward to the game, you're probably just about ready to tear into it and enjoy the heck out of it. It looks like there's another reason to be totally stoked, though.

First print copies of The Last Story will come bundled with a sweet 44-page art book. That means that just like with Xenoblade Chronicles, gamers who get the game right at launch will be treated to some snazzy JRPG art. Not a bad bonus.

That's not all, though. Your shiny new copy of The Last Story and the delicious art book will all be packaged in a custom outer box. Because, you know, that will make it look even more awesome.


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