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First-person RPG 3079 available for $1 on IndieGameStand


Indie title 3079 is the latest title available on IndieGameStand, the pay-what-you-want site that lets you score some sweet games for as little as $1. The game comes courtesy of developer Phr00t's Software, which is currently working on a sequel titled 3089.

For $1 you'll get the purposely blocky 3079. Paying over the average will get you that game plus its predecessors 3059 and 3069, as well as a digital game guide. Last, paying a flat fee of $10 means you get 3079, QRTH-PHYL, and the next IndieGameStand deal.

The developer has decided to support Child's Play, so 10 percent of all proceeds from 3079 will go to that charity.


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