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First-person horror adventure game Perception coming to PS4

Blind as a bat

Good news for PS4 fans as Sony just announced Perception, a first-person narrative horror game, is coming to PS4.

You play as Cassie, a blind girl who uses her heightened sense of hearing to navigate through the world like a bat, or Ben Affleck’s Daredevil (terrible reference, but it’s the best I got).

Players will trek through an abandoned mansion in Gloucester, MA. as Cassie tries to solve the mysteries of the house that has haunted her dreams. Throughout the game Cassie uses her blind cane to send out pings into the environment, allowing her to “see” what’s in front of her. Unfortunately, a ghostly presence is hunting her throughout her adventure.

In addition to her heightened senses, Cassie can run and hide, and she can also use certain pieces of the environment to distract her enemies, including throwing an alarm clock in another direction.

Perception is being developed by newcomers The Deep End Games, which is made up of industry veterans who have worked on the BioShock series, Dead Space and more.

No release window was revealed. 

Check out an earlier trailer of the game below.

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