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First Marvel: Contest of Champions TV Spot Reveals 2 New Champions Coming to the Battlerealm!

Get ready for a character grind of galactic proportions!

If you're one of the many summoners playing Kabam's Marvel: Contest of Champions, you likely received one of The Collector's messages reading:
"Greeting, Summoners!
We're giving our fans an EXCLUSIVE first-look at the upcoming Marvel: Contest of Champions TV commercial. Be sure to watch closely, because this video features a new Champion who will soon be released into the Battlerealm! Can you spot our latest Hero?"
The message came with a link to the video featured on their YouTube channel (check it out above!) for the game's first TV spot. While the trailer itself is pretty exciting, it reveals a bonus surprise with not just one, but TWO new Champions!
Within the massive brawl, we can see a new Daredevil featuring the suit from the Netflix series, as well as the long-awaited arrival of fan favorite, Groot, allowing summoners to finally have a completed Guardians of the Galaxy team.
If that wasn't enough, the new addition of the "Contamination" event quests feature Luke Cage and Jessica Jones, which means (while still unconfirmed) they might soon be available as playable characters by the time their respective shows air on Netflix.
Marvel: Contest of Champions is available to download for free on Google Play and on the Apple App Store!
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