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First Look: Nintendo Switch Exclusive Seasons of Heaven

A game about a boy and his dog to be revealed this week

First Look: Nintendo Switch Exclusive Seasons of Heaven

This morning, Laura Kate Dale tweeted about a Nintendo Switch exclusive being revealed in December. She claimed the gameplay trailer was complete and ready to be released soon. Some screenshots have been revealed, but not much about the game but a name was revealed: Seasons of Heaven.

First Look: Nintendo Switch Exclusive Seasons of Heaven

French Studio AnyArts Productions revealed to GamerBlog the first images and some light details. The Nintendo Switch exclusive features a character named Yann, a boy with Aspergers and his French Bulldog Ani. Gameplay consists of controlling both the boy and his dog who reportedly will play very differently from each other. 

The game is actually based on a book called Les Saisons du Paradis which translates the Seasons of Heaven. A Translated pitch for the book from the writer reads (EDIT: A translated pitch by that awesome guy in the comments below. Thanks, Léandre Pelland-Cyr):

"Nina and Ana are the children of the leader of a group of survivors. They learn to evolve in a new world, remembering everyday that the arrogance and omnipotence of Man [doomed their planet].

But what happens before the end?

[Among others, he tells the story of] the young Yann, affected by Asperger's syndrome, and his French bulldog Ani, [his parents Elise and Tim, and also James, Sarah, and their son Thomas]. Nico Augustino makes you then visit darkness and Paradise."

A rough translation, obviously, but we can glean some context from it. The story seems insistent  on Yann's condition, something rarely covered in a video game, and definitely something interesting in terms of storytelling and gameplay.

First Look: Nintendo Switch Exclusive Seasons of Heaven

According to GameBlog and Laura Dale, a gameplay trailer should launch later this week. Check the next page for more photos from GameBlog!

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