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First look at Stained, a new indie game from RealAxis Software

Developer RealAxis Software is currently working on Stained, an action-platformer set to launch for the PC. The game features platforming gameplay with an emphasis on combat and highly stylized visuals.

Stained will feature some interesting combat mechanics, and players will be required to take on a number of threatening characters. Armed with a variety of different weapons, players must break stained glass windows — and enemies — in an attempt to survive the perils of a dark castle.

But don't think you can lounge around after defeating certain enemies. According to RealAxis, victory is oftentimes only temporary, as enemies can piece themselves back together or even turn into new monstrosities. I can already see this aspect upping the tension in Stained, which will hopefully create an air of pleasant chaos.

Enemies aren't the only obstacles players will find in Stained. By using your magic weapons, you can affect the world around you to solve puzzles and progress through the dreary castle setting. You'll be able to construct platforms and bridges, and in order to open up new paths, you'll need to be wary of the resources around you.

While there's still no exact release date for Stained, RealAxis has stated that the game will be coming to PC soon with 20 stages and a final boss battle arena. Stay tuned for more on Stained, as we'll be delivering an in-depth preview of the game in the near future. In the meantime, why not check out the trailer?

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