First look at NBA 2K14 on PS4 and Xbox One

NBA 2K14 Screenshot - NBA 2K14 Lebron James next-gen

As promised, 2K Games today revealed a new trailer for NBA 2K14 comprised solely of next-gen gameplay footage. Although the trailer boasts "actual Next-Gen NBA 2K14 game footage with variable camera angles," it was teased earlier that this was specifically PS4 footage.

As for the actual content of the trailer, it features cover athlete LeBron James throwing down the hammer before cutting to a brief montage of some of the NBA's big-named stars.

There's been some complaints that the trailer only shows about "five seconds" of actual gameplay footage. For those, 2K spokesperson Ronnie 2K had this to say: "Those saying it's only 5 seconds of gameplay footage, you may be missing a bit. Hint: LeBron. Look Closer." Could it be that the early footage of LeBron in the trailer is actually next-gen gameplay? If so, that's pretty damn imrpessive!

Are you impressed with what you've seen so far?

NBA 2K14 releases tomorrow for current-gen systems, but will be available for both Xbox One and PS4 at each system's respective launch.

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