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First image from 'Evil Dead' remake

If you attended New York Comic-Con over the weekend, you were able to get a first look at the upcoming remake of Evil Dead, directed by Fed Alvarez. For those that didn't attend — like me — you'll just have to wait for those first looks to trickle out over the world wide web. In this first image, brought to us by Entertainment Weekly, we see actress Jane Levy (Suburgatory) not looking as pretty as she normally does. This is the character she is playing, named Mia. And she's dead and chained in a locked cellar. Have fun sleeping at night. I live in Florida, so I don't have to worry about sh*t like this in cellars.

The film is due to hit theaters in April 2013, and at NYCC, Bruce Campbell (Ash in the original Evil Dead) promised fans:

Your sh*t will be just as freaked as it was in the original. We've got some really talented people who kicked their ass off. I know you fans were pissed. Don't think I didn't read about it every single day. Just wait and see the movie. I will accept all of your collective apologies. We don't want to screw this up. Even though I make fun of you fans relentless, we want to make you happy horror filmgoers. This movie will be like putting on a comfortable shoe. It will squeeze you. You will say, 'That feels just like an Evil Dead shoe.' But then you say, 'I can't get this shoe off!'

So until April comes around or we get a trailer, enjoy that creepy gaze from Mia.

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